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Karachi Distribution Center

Khurshid Impex primary distribution center is located in Korangi Industrial area. Korangi industrial area is primarily the biggest developed industrial area of Karachi that has the most variety of established industries including Textile, Pharmaceutical, printing & packaging, leather tanneries, automobiles, pharmaceutical and various other industries. With a distribution center located in the main industrial area of Karachi allows us to cater instantly to the demand of any industry for their Kraft Paper and Duplex board needs.

Built on a capacity of 25000sq/ft and a storage capacity of approximately 2000tons makes it our currently second largest warehouse. The facility is equipped with the most modern machinery including, sheeting, slitting, rewinding, fork lifts and cranes in order for us to timely load and unload materials within the most efficient manner. Various modern warehousing techniques such as cross docking is practiced to avoid any delays and ensure timely deliveries to our customers in Pakistan.

Lahore Warehouse

Khurshid Impex’s newest facility based in the heart of industrial area of Lahore.  The warehouse is connected with the famous ring road of Lahore that not only connects with the entire city of Lahore but allows for easy access to various other cities including Faisalabad, Sheikhupura & Gujranwala within the province of Punjab. The prime location of the warehouse allows us to manage the supply chain in the timeliest manner.

This newest facility built with a capacity of 45000 sq/ft and a storage capacity of over 7000tons makes it our biggest warehouse and also the highest storage capacity of a single Kraft trading company within Pakistan.

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